Tony Grinder, is an American Industrial-Rock music vocalist and visionary event producer, venue and attraction consultant. 

Tony specializes in creating cutting edge unique forms of live show and attraction entertainment productions, with over 600 performances to date worldwide.

With roots in the founding days of Extreme Sports, Tony first produced touring shows of Skateboarding mixed with live bands performing onstage together, spawning a twenty five year career in show business spanning the world, and featuring every form of adrenaline-charged performances imaginable.

Clients have included ESPN, FOX SPORTS, CBS, Universal Pictures, HBO, X Games, Clear Channel, Pepsi, Reebok, Sobe, INDY Car, AEG, Budweiser and 100’s of Theme Parks, nightclubs, arenas, festivals & event promoters worldwide!

Tony’s Jaw-dropping productions have included a wide range of Action Sports shows, Themed Festivals mixing sports and music; and currently Audience Immersive and interactive attraction experiences.